Friday, December 22, 2006

The Lose-Lose Situation For The Oklahoma Sooners

The Lose-Lose Situation For The Oklahoma Sooners

Take a glance back at the 2006 season for the Oklahoma Sooners. The bad call on the field when the Sooners played the Oregon Ducks. Then, they lost to the Texas Longhorns. The season was done. There was no way Oklahoma could climb back into the Big 12 title race. Texas was a sure lock to go and represent the Big 12 South and win the Big 12. Well, not quite. What happened to Texas? Kansas State and Texas A&M is what happened to Texas. The Sooners were back in the Big 12 championship game. They won it by beating the Big 12 North champ Nebraska Cornhuskers. O.K. Enough of the recap. So, what awaits the Sooners?

Fan #1 is a huge Oklahoma Sooners fan. Fan #2 is just some college football fan that knows everything about the game. Well, almost everything.

Fan#1: Oklahoma gets a BCS bowl bid. They will play the Boise State Broncos in the Fiesta Bowl.

Fan #2: What’s wrong with that? Boise State has a 12 – 0 undefeated record. The Broncos have a good/great running back in Ian Johnson, and the quarterback, Jared Zabransky ain’t too bad either.

Fan #1: Well, its just Boise State.

Fan #2: Like I said, what’s wrong with that? The Broncos beat a good Oregon State team. They also beat a good Hawaii team, and Hawaii has that stud QB.

Fan #1: Still just Boise State.

Fan #2: You got to give them Broncos some kind of credit.

Fan #1: I ain’t got to give them nothing. If my Sooners beat the Broncos by one or by fifty, what will be said about the Sooners? People will say that the Sooners needed to beat a real team. If my Sooners lose by one or by fifty, people will say, “Man, Oklahoma surely sucks”. It doesn’t matter; it is a lose-lose deal for the Sooners.

Fan #2: What are you saying, man?

Fan#1: I am saying that we beat Nebraska in the Big 12 title game. We play Boise State in the bowl game and will get no props for beating them. Nebraska loses the Big 12 champs game and plays Auburn. If the Huskers beat Auburn, Big 12 folks will praise them up one side and down the other. Boise State ain’t in the BCS, and they shouldn’t be in a BCS bowl game.

Fan #2: You’re saying that Oklahoma will suffer if Boise State wins or loses.

Fan #1: You got it.

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Surely you are aware that there is already a very widely read, high traffic college football blog called Every Day Should Be Saturday. WTF?